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Labor-Saving Equipment Lifter

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The Assistant Every Handyman Needs

Everyone can use a second pair of hands when doing work around the house! 

 With a lifting capacity of up to 260 lb /100 kg, the range of applications is virtually unlimited. The powerful clamp can easily elevate doors, windows and cupboards into an optimal position and hold them firmly as you make the installments. Any weight related work will be easier than ever. Our Labor-Saving Lifter is like a right hand tool for any craftsmen. 

Why This is for you

✅  Invaluable assistance- Take the heavy work off your back when making installments, it can elevate everything into an optimal position!

✅  Seamless installations- With an easy way of lifting the doors, cupboards and windows all your home’s installations will go smoothly!

✅  A second pair of hands- You no longer need another person to do the holding, it will keep everything in the air stable as you install it!

✅  Our Labor-Saving Equipment Lifter is the ultimate choice- Precise, powerful and practical, ClampUp does the lifting for every job so you can make the improvements without a sweat!

 - Stainless steel/aluminum
- Capacity: up to 100 kg = 260 lb
- Operation range (mm): 5-115
- Base (mm): 5 x 105 x 87
- Weight: 0.5Kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richie Blanda

Good product! I like

Myrtice Stracke

Save me a lot of work

Laverne Dare

Two person work one person can do it

Orland Strosin

Very good product sends fast

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